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The Capstone Firm has been designed to provide professional and premium quality services to those within the entertainment industry. It is the desire of The Capstone Firm to offer its clients a productive and innovative experience while addressing the concerns of each client personally.The Capstone Firm provides a large pallet of creative services, which include but are not limited to the following:



(Personal/Business Management Services)


The Capstone Firm serves to guide the professional careers of an emerging entertainment clientele tending to the personal matters and overseeing the day-to-day business affairs of new and existing artists. In addition to providing advice and counsel on any given matter, personal and professional, The Capstone Firm, Inc. work on behalf of the artist to assure that any and all decisions made affecting their careers and personal lives are made with the best possible intentions in sink with their goals and aspirations. Our artist management personnel (including both business and personal managers) are professionally equipped and qualified to supervise all personal/professional business affairs including negotiations and the proper handling of all financial functions affairs.



(Planning Services/Event Coordination)


The Capstone Firm’s contractual event management services is designed to handle a comprehensive array of creative, technical and logistical planning services for any given event and a variety of outlets including promotional events, launches, press conferences, meetings and conferences and all special events, small or large. Working behind the scene on your behalf, The Capstone Firm’s experience is not just limited to event planning and execution, but also event promotion and marketing and the many other multi-dimensional elements that create a successful event, from beginning to end.




Production Management

Tour Development/Production

Publicity Coordination


Security Coordination (Including Bodyguard/Protective Services)

Tour/Road Management

Travel Coordination

Marketing Strategy Development/Advertising


The Capstone Firm Team


Our Professional Entertainment Services Network


The Capstone Firm network of experienced entertainment industry professionals allows for the expert delivery of a wide variety of services executed and completed with the utmost of integrity and professionalism ensuring our clients satisfaction from the beginning to the end.


Trust The Capstone Firm to make your vision become a reality!


Our professional services team consists of trained, experienced experts to serve your needs!


The Capstone Firm provides a full array of “industry related” services. “The Capstone Experience” will devise a concept that is tailored and contoured specifically to your requests/interests.


The Capstone Firm INCLUDES:

Personal Managers

Business Managers

Event Coordinators

Technical Directors

Production Managers

Tour/Road Managers

Publicity Coordinators


The Capstone Firm also serves those who have no prior industry experience as well as artists, producers, directors, promoters and those in all areas of entertainment.


The “Capstone Experience” is a comprehensive and detail-oriented encounter with an individual who is knowledgeable of the industry. Our staff is fully aware of the concerns and requests of each individual client and the logistics and demands of the industry. These trained individuals of The Capstone Firm have the concept of detail and wholeness engrafted into their practices and approach to each event, project and consultation.

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